A Re-Introduction

My last Roman Cappuccino. I miss this.

It’s been about ten months since I returned home from my first trip out of the USA, to London and Rome with my amazing Marylhurst community. I got off the plane in PDX last September haggard but inspired, and as soon as I fought off the jet lag (which was no joke — it was at least a week before I stopped wanting to go to bed at 5 p.m.) that the itch to return started growing, persistent.

I am beyond grateful, and still in a little disbelief, that I get to travel abroad AGAIN with Marylhurst. In January, I was asked to be the teacher’s assistant for this year’s trip, and the question was hardly finished before I said yes. After walking in commencement this past June, less than a month ago, this feels like the best graduation present I could have received. The same cities, the same excitement, new people, and a promise of new discovery. I am imagining the experience to go something like when you re-read a book you love, and you get more out of it the second time. You know the plot already, so you allow yourself to examine the sentences more closely. You go slower. You find more beauty. That is what I hope for.

More soon. Andiamo!


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