The Best Meal


Hands down the best meal I had abroad was this one. This is from Il Delfino, a beachside restaurant in Ostia, outside of Rome. After exploring the ruins at the incredible Ostia Antica, we hit the beach where I combed the sand for shells and laughed with my beautiful friends, getting our legs wet and sharing a collective we’re actually oceanside in Italy right now moment.

Ostia Antica – Ancient Roman port town


After frolicking, we decided to get a group dinner at Il Delfino, just a little ways down from the free beach we’d visited. Honestly, it didn’t look like much – a typical tourist-y vibe, but a pleasant atmosphere with outside seating and a pretty view. I was starving and would have eaten seaweed at that point, so I wasn’t picky – but I wasn’t expected to be graced with my favorite meal of the trip!



I ordered spaghetti with clams and king prawn. The noodles were dense and perfectly cooked, so flavorful I would have eaten them plain; buttery, melty, glorious clams (and LOTS of them); two plump, meaty prawns. It was simple but so perfect – buenisimo!


I knew without a doubt that this was something otherworldly, transcendent — especially as the trip drew to a close and we visited another beach town, Sperlonga. Here, we went to another beachside seafood joint, with grumpier staff and a dinkier vibe, where I ordered the same. I should have known that after Ostia, nothing could compare — and it didn’t.

Forever in my heart, Il Delfino!


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